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How CIPD Level 5 Assignment Examples Can Help You Write Assignments

Before we provide you with CIPD Level 5 assignment examples, let’s know what this subject is. CIPD stands for Chartered Institute of Personnel Development. It is mainly on the basis of the subjects of Human Resources and Learning and Development. This qualification is of great value and acceptable all over the UK. Human resources and training practices are aimed at the public, private and charity sectors.
Through the years, the certification achieved recognition in further parts of Europe as well as Ireland. It also became acceptable in the UAE, the Middle East and some Asian regions. There are 3 basic levels of CIPD. Level 3 is for a beginner in the HR field, and it provides a strong foundation. Level 5 teaches HR Learning and Development at the Intermediate stage.
If you are preparing for a professional position, then you are eligible for this course. It is also equal to having an undergraduate degree. The final level is Level 7, an advanced diploma in the field of HR. This diploma is equivalent to a master’s or postgraduate degree.
As we have told you about the CIPD qualification, let’s move further. Now, we are about to tell you tips to write a CIPD Level 5 assignment.
We understand how complicated is to write assignments for students with poor writing skills or lack of time. Apart from that, some students find themselves unable to harmonize their writing with the given guidelines.
So, if any of these problems get on your nerves, read our guidelines and attain desired marks/grades in your assignments.

Best tips to write CIPD Level 5 assignments:

1. Plan everything clearly and completely:

You need to be ready, right from the start. Don’t wait for deadlines to write your assignments. As a matter of fact, you should check the due date many times to ensure you complete your work on time.
So, read carefully the assignment criteria, guidelines and any other instructions. Skim along with your texts and any reference material given and write notes so that you don’t miss anything. It will also let you know what is expected from you in the assignment. Don’t forget to have an organized timeline. Give an ample period to each phase like outlining, research, drafting and the last touches before your submission.

2. Let your creative juice flow:

You must become nervous when it comes to writing an assignment. It may happen that your intellectual juices stop flowing when a blank page is before you. So, don’t stress yourself out, as it will spread negativity around you.
To continue, you should write any relevant idea that is coming to your mind. It doesn’t matter whether it is a weak and unpromising one. You know, sometimes, even a false start is a good start as your brain will start catching up eventually. All you have to do is to have a positive attitude and keep going. The more things you write, the clearer your concept will become. Experts providing CIPD Level 5 assignment examples advise this to nervous students.
Another thing to remember is to stay away from the temptations of procrastinating at a time like this. If you stop writing hoping for a miracle, it will not happen. All you have to do is to focus on continuing to adhere to your writing schedule even when you don’t want to. This inspiration will hit the bull’s eye when you stay determined.

3. Bring out the expert hidden in you:

An academic essay is much more different than publications of other styles. They are written in a formal manner and need critical thinking to research existing theories. When going through sources, the best options are peer-reviewed journals or similar academic papers. Other written materials like blogs or non-academic articles are not valid resources for the most part. You will definitely need to read through multiple sources before you get the information you want. So, be patient and observe carefully whatever you have read.

4. Citation is an integral part of this task:

Citing and referencing are important parts of writing an excellent assignment. Experts say so. Academic articles and journals offer authenticity to your work. So, you must cite your sources and have a full list of references. It should be practiced even when taking notes. The Harvard system is utilized for referencing CIPD assignments. So, you should get used to it earlier on in the assignment writing process.

5. Edit and revise:

The last phase of this task is to edit and review, which is as important as writing assignments. So, ensure that you have fulfilled all the requirements. In addition, you should check for spelling, grammar or sentence structure errors. The readability of your assignment may also be examined with the assistance of a friend or CIPD tutor. Finishing a few days before the deadlines will allow you to have sufficient time to do these necessary tasks.

CIPD Level 5 assignment examples:

Assignment topic: Developing Professional Practices:

Objectives: Comprehend the requirements to become an efficient HR professional. Become able to perform your duty effectively. Earn deep knowledge of how to create, implement and review a plan for personal development.

Assignment Topic: Group Dynamics and Resolving Conflicts:

Objectives: Choose a model or theory to explain the aspects which lay implications on group dynamics. Implement it for team development. Give a description of examples of conflict-resolving methods and apply them to a complicated situation.

Assignment Topic: Project Management:

Objectives: Sum up a business plan. Application of project management techniques. Analyze or resolve a problem with the help of these methods.

Assignment Topic: Effective HR professional:

Introduce and explain the usage of a CIPD profession map. It should be in the context of both HR organizations and professionals. Describe different types of related activities, knowledge and behaviour from selected professional sectors.

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