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Terms of use

Kindly read the following Terms and Conditions thoroughly before using our service. The usage of bestassignmentexpert.co.uk is always to be attempted by the people of the legal age. Any kind of unauthorised usage is absolutely forbidden. By placing an order on our website, you have acknowledged that you have agreed, understood, and read our provided Terms and Conditions. Asking for assistance and/or payment, you agree to be legally bound by our Terms and Conditions.

Projection of our service terms

  • “Website” denotes bestassignmentexpert.co.uk
  • “Consumer/customer”, “Yours” or “You” impulses to someone executing, bidding, submitting an order, depositing payments and sharing any contents to our website
  • “Company”, “Our”, “We” signifies bestassignmentexpert.co.uk
  • Messaging System denotes a specific software that offers continuous communication between both writers and customers, or Support Team Representative and Customer
  • The term “Order” specifies actual requests for a particular Service shared to our Company from Customer. This includes precise specification along with criteria about sources that to be considered in writing
    “Order” signifies electronic request for particular paid service from Customer for specified writing service. An order is found to define scope of specific work along with the other criterion of customer related to the service
    “Order” describes a written order, which was being made by the customer in our website in an online electric form. An order is associated with entire work along with the customer requirements.
  • Order status represent current position along with order progress towards completion
  • Service denotes the outcome of a particular order that appears as original content, developed and provided to the Customer in respect to their inquiry on the digital document
  • Product Revision implies request made by Customer to edit the final copy of the specific product in accordance to the initial product requirements
  • Quality Assurance Department represents an entity in bestassignmentexpert.co.uk infrastructure, whose primary mission is to evaluate and protect provided service and products quality
    Quality Assurance Department is recognised as the structural unit of the Company that is responsible to protect and evaluate our products and service quality
  • Support or Support Team represents structural unit of the Company that is responsible to assist and coordinate the specific Order process
  • The Writer is recruited by the Company who is responsible for researching as well as provide writing services to Customer in accordance to the Company Agreement
  • Wallet denotes Customer’s personal account in the Company that includes Customer Credits. Payments added to Customer’s personal balance made voluntarily to compensate order price additionally at its own discretion
  • Affiliate Program represents a specific program to target the existing Company’s Customers. The primary aim of the mentioned program is to offer rewards for the regular clients with the Credits to Personal Wallet for generating new Customers to our website. The regards or Commission Rate are set by the Company as well as can be modified by the Company

Registration and Order Placing

  • Orders are placed by filling out the specific Order form mentioned in Application. Other than explicit request, no support is given
  • The Order form will confirm or validate Order parameter, delivery terms and work scope. It is Your own responsibility to offer final, accurate, and exact information for every standard Order from segment while completing in Our Order form.
  • You are expected to fill out a registration form that includes Your personal information such as country, email, name, and phone number. Kindly inform our Customer Support, if you have any kind of difficulties throughout the procedure of account creation. Likewise, if any of the provided personal information change with time, it is entirely your responsibility to inform our Support or modify your contact details
  • In case you have multiple accounts, they will be amalgamated with specific account that you have created during the initial phase

Rewards and Order Payment

  • When you place an order, You agree to purchase our service from the Company. Once the respective payment is made for the service and acknowledged, the Company will begin to process the respective order
  • As mentioned in the Order form, once the work scope is established the payment of the respective service is generated in accordance to the Company’s Pricing and is compensated in advance. The company is not liable for the Service delivery until the final payment is accepted and received
  • Orders can be completed with Debit Cards, Credit Card or another other methods offered by the Company
  • We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to offer our customers discount and bonus programs through the discount code that they can use when filling out the order form. If the code is not entered in the appropriate section of the order form, the company will not offer a discount for that particular order.
  • The Company is committed to grant equal access for bonus and discount program data for every Customer associated with the Company with no exclusion
  • After evaluating an order, the effect of work done to fulfil the order cannot be defined until manually confirmed, so the company may require additional payment or additional time to process the order. Customers can decide at their discretion whether they agree with the new order parameters and order amount or refuse to work with the company. If You wish to end work with us, Your refund will be processed in accordance with our Money-Back Guarantee Policy.

Your Personal Wallet

  • When making Purchase and ordering Products from the Company, You might spend through any one of the accessible payment options. If you get a partial payment reimbursement, you have the options of following the Money Back Guarantee Policy or transferring cash to Credits in Your Personal Account.
  • One credit is worth $1 and will be stored in your personal account with no restrictions or expiration dates. The number of credits you save can be used to pay for future orders to your company
  • Your cash will only be transferred to Credit at your request and with your permission. Following the completion of the payment made, the amounts kept as credits is non-refundable and may only be used to pay for the additional orders
  • As part of our rewards program operations, the firm may grant a set amount of compensation to cover future transaction payment

Order Process

  • Order Validation: After full settlement, the Researcher has right to re-check the Order information to confirm that the criteria of the assessment were contented satisfactorily as stipulated by the Client. If there is a discrepancy, Support has the authority to amend the order to guarantee that the Consumer's needs are met.
  • Order volume: Each order made by the Customer has a minimum quantity, which is assessed in words. The content sent must meet the required amount of words metric (the content may have fewer pages than required, but it must contain an identical amount of words and according to "250 words per page double spaced or 500 words per page single-spaced" criteria). If there is still a page/number of words discrepancy, the Client may request that the product be reformatted to meet the amount of phrase according to the requirements of "250 words per page double spaced or 500 words per page single-spaced."
  • Resources: If a client requires special reference information for use in the production process, the customer must declare it and make it accessible to the writer. If the requested materials are not given and the author is liable for locating and compensating for them, there will be additional charges, which must be paid before delivery. The following order restrictions are often applicable:
    • Orders that are expected between 12-24 hours should have resources delivered in 30 minutes of the order placed.
    • Orders that are expected between 24 to 72 hours, there is an 1-hour deadline
    • Orders that are expected with a 72+ hour deadline, materials are required to be obtained a day in advance
    • If somehow the Customer fails to submit supplies by the period, then additional money and effort for the operation's fulfilment will be required.
    • Communication: The Customer is encouraged highly to interact with the respective Writer through Messaging System or by interacting directly with the Support team while seeking for more information
    • Progress Tracking: The Customer might check the status on the order by registering into their personal account, which displays information regarding their order as well as its status. To acquire updates on the Order progress, the Customer may notify Support via any of the accessible communication channels, which are available for entire 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Order Delivery

  • The Company is accountable to deliver respective service and accomplishing the specified deadlines for the orders
  • Once the Company has supplied the service to clients, it is the Customer's own commitment to assure the accessibility of distribution channels. The Company would not be held responsible for an inaccurate email account entered by the Customer within profile, spam detection, internet disruptions, or general customer misconduct in providing channels of communication as well as other interaction channels, which are beyond the Company's control. If the Customer needs assistance with the fulfilment of an Orders, he or she should approach Support.
  • The Customer is responsible for extracting the service within time once the service is being offered by the Company
  • Each and Every orders are made with usage of our Customer’s account in our website within the order page
  • As terms with our Writer's protection, the payments will be issued electronically 7 days just after due. Please thoroughly examine every delivery. Once the Writer receives, the entire agreed-upon sum, the job is considered completed, and no reimbursement will be issued.