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University College of London (UCL)

University College of London is a well-recognized public research university. It was founded on 11 February 1826. The founder of the University had inspiration from Jeremy Bentham. It is the third largest and oldest university in the UK. It was the first university institution that was founded in London.

UCL had nearly 37,900 students and 14,600 staff, which includes almost 7,000 academic staff members. The university college of London had nearly 37,000 students and 14,600 staff members. The university was the top-rated one in the United Kingdom. It operates a large number of Museums. The university alumni include the father of the Nation of India.

The university academics discovered the stirring gases. Academy invented the vacuum tube and discovered hormones. Leonard Horner was the first London University warden. The philosopher Jeremy Bentham was the person who established this university. London University established the University School in the year 1830. In 1871, the Slade School of Fine Arts was established as part of London University.

Facilities Provided By University College of London

Facilities consist of the main library and 15 expert libraries. London University has a wide range of Museums and Collections. Its wealth comprises objects, specimens, artworks and images. This university provides a dynamic academic community, by means of lectures and exhibitions. London University provides unparalleled facilities for language learning and professional purposes. The University provides an abundance of opportunities to partake in team sports.

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