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Fair use policy

Addressing the Likelihood of Plagiarism

It might look alluring to submit custom assignments, research papers and assignments with your own; however, it is not how you may utilise our Service. We provide samples of academic papers, and are represented to be utilised as model drafts for additional research. In terms of avoiding any kind of plagiarism issue, you should provide your knowledge, original perspectives, and understanding in the respective article.

We acknowledge academic norms perceived by different universities internationally. However, violating the plagiarism principles through using the original sample paper as it is would not be benefited in the long-term manner. It may impede you in obtaining the understanding and skills needed to conduct well during exams.

How do I need to use sample paper?

Our sample assignment papers are created to provide students with specific examples about the way specific academic questions can be tackled. However, those examples do not indicate that those specific questions will be asked in exactly the same format. It is probable that you might be required to provide a unique perspective on a specific comparable issue. On the other hand, the example of an academic paper will assist you in improving Your ideas for an effective starting point. You will definitely be able construct your customised paper according to extensive research that you wish to conduct additionally. Following are some Step-by-Step guidelines about the way you can use our example paper.

  • Interpret the whole sample paper to obtain an idea about the way each question are being answered
  • Re-read every section along with each paragraph in sample papers and make suitable list for necessary points
  • Try to execute your own arguments and content from the point you have already jotted down
  • Identify the sources that are included in the sample paper and review
  • Use the references to perform additional investigation on similar academic paper
  • Ensure that the completed worker is with zero-plagiarism and has created by your personal expertise

Even though analysing the sample paper along with the collected reference from it is time-consuming, you can learn the whole topic thoroughly to maximise your potential in your upcoming examination.

Is it Possible to share the Sample Answer with my Academic Institute?

No! Presenting the work of researchers is considered a plagiarism act. You cannot send work done by someone else as your own. Even if you try to make changes or modify slightly, it will always be regarded as plagiarism. You are required to present or share original work based on your own perspective at your Unity or college. The same research work offered by us will serve as beneficial for You if you utilise based on our Fair Use Policy. This will further support you to improve your academic performance by learning about the way outstanding academic papers can be written every semester.

Any query regarding Fair Use Policy along with Terms and Conditions, kindly informs or interact with our Customer Relationship Manager.

Privacy Policy of bestassignmentexpert

We perceive your worries about confidential information privacy and security. It is our sole responsibility to notify you about your privacy policy. Every we do with Your confidential information are listed below:

  • Each and every student’s information are kept strictly in the Company
  • We never provide any kind of information about student to third party
  • We never provide information of tutor to third party
  • Payments are being managed by PayPal. We build partnership with PayPal instead of our Company so that they could manage information about credit cards of student
  • We keep the rights to reveal Your personal recognisable information as needed by law and while we perceive that the reveal is important to guard our rights and/or to obey with judicial proceedings, legal process or court orders worked in our Website.
  • Bestassignmentexpert.co.uk keeps rights or authority to change the privacy statement any time, thus, you need to review it often. Any modification performed for above policy will be displayed here and your continuous usage of our software, service and/or site associated with your agreement is being adhered by those changes
  • We respect your privacy and want to let you know that you will be collecting our messages when you register for our offerings. We take great care of personal e - mail addresses and never disclose information with anybody else. As a result, you can be confident that all communications received through us are purely for your convenience.

Kindly Check the following Terms and Conditions thoroughly before availing our Service.

Countering plagiarism

It is highly likely that you might find it tempting to use the tailor-made assignments that we provide as your own. We highly advise that the model academic papers that we provide are to be used as a rough draft where your own further research and interpretations are necessary to avoid any kind of plagiarism which is highly offensive and may lead to cases of academic misconduct. We further advise that you include your own research and understanding in the model papers that we provide as this would help you to accumulate knowledge and would also prove to be beneficial in the long run.

Use of the papers will provide

The model assignment paper that we provide you is to be used as an example that helps you in understanding how a particular academic question or assignment needs to be dealt with. It is not necessary that the solution, which will be provided, is the only perspective, as there are chances that you might come up with a different perspective on a similar topic. The purpose of the model academy papers is to provide you with a strong starting point and the framework, which would strengthen your overall assignment. However, it is also necessary on your behalf to include your extensive research. Follow the steps to understand the most appropriate way to use our sample papers

  • Meticulously go through the entire sample paper to develop an idea that can help you understand the pattern you need to use to answer the questions
  • Re-Read the assignments and note down the most important points that you find relevant
  • Based on your understanding utilise your original ideas and arguments alongside the points that you have noted down
  • Utilise the sources that we have provided in our model paper to further strengthen your understanding and research
  • Compile all your research and arguments and make further notes which can help you to make your assignment unique
  • Ensure that the final work that you have compiled is 100% original to avoid plagiarism-free assignments utilising your own expertise.

This might seem to be a little tedious for reviewing the paper that we provide and using as a reference to prepare your own; however, this would ensure that you can answer examinations quite well.

Can I submit the sample papers to my university?

The tailor-made sample assignment that we prepare for you is the work of a researcher and submitting this as your own is plagiarism. We highly advise that you include your own arguments and research and only utilise our sample academic solution as a framework for gaining a strong starting point to your assignment. You are expected to submit 100% original work that is plagiarism free in your college and university, and therefore, we highly advise that you do not submit our tailor-made research work as your own. The use of our sample papers can be of the highest benefit if we use them as per our fair use policy.