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Revision Policy

  • The Company also provides modifications towards the customer in order to maintain the accuracy of the project and 100% customer satisfaction with goods. To offer a special adjustment of the item, the Customer must send a modification written request through the Messaging System within (45/60/90) calendar days of a Order delivery date and no longer than thirty (30) days of the date for any Dissertation, Thesis proposal, Thesis, Research proposal, Dissertation chapters writing, or other relatively large assignments. If the modification date is not met, the Customer may have their order changed for an extra fee or make a new order.
  • The Quality Assurance Department holds the rights to reject the revision request in case revision request breach Order instruction provided initially. In such circumstances, Customer may require to pay additional charges for the requested revision or require to send order for the required modification
  • The Quality Assurance Department holds the rights to reject or limit numerous revision request in case Customer’s attitudes demonstrates clear exploitation of our Writer as well as any other unreasonable request
  • If Your request meets all the criteria set out in these Terms of Use, We will change the services offered free of charge.

Products Use

  • When you pay for an Order, you agree that it is for personal and non-commercial use only, and that the compensation you create reflects the effort and time you put into analysis of the process research work corresponding to your order, and also all the necessary preservation and management for Service delivery.
  • You may not copy, distribute, modify, or present the Services on the World Wide Web or in hard copy to the extent required for Your personal usage.
  • Writers who perform on our business transfer ownership of the all provided Products to the Company, which keeps all intellectual property laws over the Products We supply.
  • The Products are supplied merely as a research example, a source for instructional reasons, or a representation of how to execute academic writing. The Company retains all Intellectual Property Rights and Copyright

Company's Responsibility

  • Fraud, dishonesty, and plagiarism are strictly prohibited within the Company. We will not be liable or responsible for the occurrence of any kind of unlawful and unethical usage of our Website content and products
  • We strictly adhered to all the required Copyright legislation. In case Customer violates or breaches our Terms and Conditions, they will be liable for any contrary conduct completely
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  • Security and Data Protection: The data protection statement published on this website provides more information about our practices and guidelines regarding the collection, storage, and use of customer and online guest information. For more information about the security of your personal information when using this website, please see our privacy policy. We reserve the right to contact you by email for new services, discounts, special offers, and other information that we consider useful to you. However, against this background, please note that we will respect your privacy and will not transfer your personal information or billing data to a third party. To ensure the protection of your data, the company processes all transactions through a secure online payment system. Note: Please note that we are not responsible for any disclosure of credit information without our consent or beyond our control. If you have any data protection or security questions, you will refer to our data protection guidelines.


After submitting your payment and order, you acknowledge and agree with all the following statements and points. Each of our written products by or for Customer are entirely intended to utilise for reference, learning or research purposes in the way academic papers are required to write properly through suitable referencing style such as Harvard, APA, Chicago, MLA and others. Each and every information along with ideas that are being utilised from the given written work needs to be cited accurately if they are cited at a previous date. All the Customers are required to be acknowledged that every offered services in Our Website need payment for time as well as efforts, which are provided to deliver, edit, organise, and gather the specific service to the respective Customer after successful completion. Along with this, payments are used to keep for our Website running so that Our Consumer can use it for educational purposes further. Additionally, a limited number of print out copies for educational as well as personal use, publication, distribution, derivative, display, modification or transmission work of the final provided services by the Company are not be permitted without prior writer authorisation. Any kind of copyrights as well as ownership are automatically shared to the Company and/or Company’s Partners for each and every written item developed by our existing freelancing Customer. After completion of Your reference or research purposes for specific paper, You, the Consumer accord to destroy the offered products by the Company. No duplicates for dissemination are tolerated, and neither are our creations to be reproduced anywhere without our approval or acknowledgement. By availing our service, You, the Customer agree to obtain commercial information like discounts, contests and others from Our end. You will have the option to subscribe or unsubscribe directly to receive such kind of commercial information in your respective profile. Our Company offers no expressed or indirect guarantees or claims of promises in reference to our webpage or its contents, whatever established by law or otherwise. This is associated with merchantability warranty, without any kind of restrictions, or non-infringement suitability, specific purpose or different other inferred warranty or guaranty, which generates from deal or performance with trade usage. Adding to this, the Company never guarantees that our services or operations will execute error-free. We are also not liable for any kind of ramification from any omission from our Website. It should be the Consumer's responsibility to protect the comprehensiveness, trust and trustworthiness of any perspective, advice, knowledge or other information associated with or featured in our Website. Requesting you to obtain an expert's perspective before availing any kind of available services in the Website.

Liability Limitation

After acknowledging each and every mentioned Terms and Condition, you agree that you are committed not to consider the Company, Consumer, agent, shareholders, its employees, promotion, representatives, directors, fulfilment agents, subsidiaries, affiliates, along with any other third-party data source or information provider. Legal advisor will be liable for any kind of actions, rights, damages, loss, along with any of the nature claims that are related to or come from our Company. These comprise, and are not constricted to

  1. Any kind of failure or difficulties, computer malfunctions, internet, network, email, software or hardware, electric, telephone
  2. Incomplete, unclear, delayed or failed computer transmission and interaction
  3. Any kind of circumstance, which results from the event that exist beyond the control of Company that leads to the service corrupted, delayed or disrupted
  4. Any damages, injuries or losses that occurred due to the results of our service usage
  5. Any printing mistake or typographical discrepancies in any products associated with Our provided service

Additionally, you acknowledge not to keep Our Company along with its affiliates contemptible or liable for all claim, complement, or demand established by third part arising from or in regards to our service usage, contravention or infringement of mentioned Contractual terms, the violation of rights by You or omission of other personal legal teams committed by you. Under no scenario will the Company be considered responsible or accountable for any direct, consequential, serious, compensatory, cumulative, or exceptional damages incurred from or in any way connected with using this webpage and any of the information given on it. Some jurisdictions and localities do not permit the dismissal or mitigation of responsibility for amount of loss damages. As a result, the above-mentioned constraint may not apply to you.


We keep the authority or rights for terminating Your authority to avail our Service even if you have made full amount payment in case data provided initially for registration on our Website contents misleading, false, conceals, or modified. In case we perceive that you are associated with fraudulent transactions, or any activities that cause harm to bestassignmentexpert.co.uk or its existing Customer, it will lead to automatic termination for your account. This contains spamming, transmission of Trojan horses, viruses, malware and others. bestassignmentexpert.co.uk has the authority to forfeit any payment and terminate Customer’s account without any prior information, in case You violate Terms and Conditions on this Agreement. The Company shall be the only judge of what constitutes a breach of the Agreement.

Refunds: The client commits to agree to the criteria specified in the portal's return and adjustment clause. http://bestassignmentexpert.co.uk/

Amendments: You, the Customer, accept and understand that Company’s Terms and Conditions might be unilaterally or completely modified by the organisation without any prior notice. Thus, it is recommended highly that each and every Customer to read each and every Terms and Conditions avail in this Website time-to-time to recognise any changes